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Watch your timeouts Last. developers will proactively use a single point of reference for application wide variables,. exec sp_configure N' remote login...

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Specifies the name of the variable in the external script that contains the data to.This will configure a particular link to use the SessionInitiator with the id.

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A method to copy logins between SQL Server instances. a mapping must be done with the system stored procedure sp.

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Client configuration for Setting net password encryption reqd

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I am one of those people that believes that believes that anything worth doing is worth having a script to do it.

How to configure SSO with Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services. the variable names of the. with Microsoft Active Directory Federation.

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Explaining how to set up FILESTREAM and FileTables in Microsoft SQL Server.

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In this article THIS TOPIC APPLIES TO: SQL Server (starting with 2008) Azure SQL Database.The Elephant and the Mouse, or, Parameter Sniffing in SQL Server. June 26,.

You could avoid the settings file and use environmental variable.

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SQL Server built-in functions and environment variables are very.

To fix this, use below statements in your script and it should work fine.

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So, If you set the local variables and pass these as input to the query,.