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These coins were minted by the Jews during the Bar Kochba Revolt (132 to 135 AD), also known as The Second Jewish.

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On another Bar Kochba coin, a didrachm, the table is shown sideways, with the bottom line also decorated.Unlike coins of the first Jewish War against Rome (AD 66-70), all coins of the Bar K.

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All told, Bar Kochba ruled in Jerusalem for two and a half years, with minted coins commemorating his rule.One of the most historically fascinating and desirable Biblical period coins, depicting the most.Israeli authorities announced that they had found a symbol of the revolt by Shimon bar Kochba against the Romans in.

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Bar Kochba Revolt coinage were coins issued by the Jews during the Bar Kochba revolt against the Roman Empire of 132-135 AD.

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View Bronze Coin Minted During the Bar Kochba Revolt - C.567 on artnet.Modern Forgeries of Medieval Coins (0) Modern Forgeries of Modern Coins (0).

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Bar Kochba (Bar Kokhba) (Shimon Bar Kosiba) and the Bar